With over 400 selections and a stock of approximately 15,000 bottles, from moderately priced to exclusive reserve selections, you’ll be sure to find something to delight you. We hold the belief that the right food and wine when paired together make the perfect marriage. We understand the importance of balancing each component to reflect the true nature of what we call, “the taste.” These elements are soul mates and should never go without each other.

At Il Capriccio, each wine is carefully selected and put through rigorous scrutiny by Chef Antonio and Salvatore. Chef Tony has had the privilege of traveling through the Italian wine regions, personally sampling the best bottles. This resulted in his entering into an exclusive agreement with the prestigious vineyard, Case Paolin. Nowhere else in the United Sates outside of Il Capriccio can you drink Case Paolin’s wines. We are also proud to announce The Wine Cellar at Il Capriccio has been given the Award of Excellence by The Wine Spectator.