Teresa Grande

Teresa, a graduate of Drew University, is the pastry chef at Il Capriccio and also provides her delectable treats at her mother’s gourmet grocery, La Famiglia. Prior to satisfying her client’s sweet teeth, Teresa worked professionally as a personal trainer for ten years. After years spent transforming people’s mind and bodies, Teresa sought to challenge herself yet again. Determined to recreate the art of pastry making, she frequently approached her mother with dessert ideas and creations of her own with the vision of delighting the taste buds of all walks of life.

Teresa’s background in physical training and nutrition has provided her with the extra ability to create healthier desserts without sacrificing taste. Teresa happily accommodates clients with food allergies and makes gluten-free or sugar-free desserts that can be enjoyed by all, while staying true to their singular flavor. You can always find Teresa working on new desserts. Her inventive talent for scrumptious sweets keeps everyone coming back for more.