Salvatore Le Rose (Maître d’/ Sommelier)

A native of Italy, Salvatore came to America in the 1980s. Even before Sal landed on American soil, Clara and Antonio, his aunt and uncle, had been hugely instrumental in his life, influencing and supporting Sal’s passion for wine and fine dining.

As a young man, Sal began by watching and helping his uncle, Chef Antonio. As he gained more experience in the restaurant industry and with wines, Sal became increasingly more enamored with the unique bouquets that flooded his pallet, each wine more unique than the next. Then began his research: reading, tasting, speaking with both brokers and vintners. Trips to the vineyards and endless hours of group tastings and "wine trials." All while under the supervision and guidance of Chef Tony.

The favorite part of his job is the opportunity it affords him to connect with people. He feels there's no bigger treasure in life than a life lived with respect, with esteem and affection for one’s work.