Natale Grande

Natale, Tony and Clara’s first son, was born into the culinary dynasty built by his parents. As a small child, Natale would sit at his father’s station, fascinated, watching him prepare a filet mignon hamburger. From a young age he helped his father in the kitchen, starting first as garmage, and gradually advancing to cooking behind the line: first as sous chef, then as pasta chef, before getting promoted to the most prestigious and difficult of them all, the Chef de Cuisine.

His love of family and culinary arts led Natale to step in for his father when Tony needed surgery on his shoulder and could no longer cook. Tony stood beside his son, arm resting in its sling, and patiently guided Natale.

Natale graduated as a construction engineer in December of 1999 from the M.E. Rinker Senior School of Building Construction at the University of Florida. Upon his graduation, Natale moved back to New Jersey and was granted an opportunity to work with Turner Construction as an engineer. That’s when Tony approached him, asking him if he would like to assume the post of Executive Chef and Owner of Il Capriccio Ristorante. Natale accepted.

After spending six months in Italy honing his craft, Natale returned to bestow his talents upon Il Capriccio, where he marries his passions and professional loves: family, cooking, and building.